Catherine Phil MacCarthy

Catherine Phil MacCarthy is a native of Crecora, Co Limerick and has lived in Sandymount, Dublin since 1987. She has published four collections of poetry, and a novel, and is a free-lance tutor in Poetry and Creative Writing. Her poems explore from several angles the idea of ‘threshold’ or ‘the liminal’, the state of being in transition from one moment to the next.

Her work is included in On The Banks: Cork City in Poems and Songs, Edited by Alannah Hopkin.


The Invisible Threshold

The Invisible Threshold


Suntrap (2007)

The Blue Globe

The Blue Globe (1998)

How High The Moon

How High The Moon

One Room An Everywhere

One Room An Everywhere (2003)

This Hour of the Tide

This Hour of the Tide

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“The Island of Poetry”

I think of the place I grew up as an island. It was a farm in County Limerick,
the house almost a mile from the road so we — two families,
my own and that of my maternal uncle, living side by side — were
islanded by fields… The house inscribed in us, the one we lived in as a child
and daydreamed in — the place we carry around inside us — is a
source of identity. It holds the first sounds we heard, the first melodies,
songs, and stories, the first books we read that nourished our inner lives
and imagination…

New Hibernia Review,
Fómhar/Autumn 2016

Editor, James Silas Rogers
Center for Irish Studies,
University of St Thomas,
St Paul, Minnesota

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