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Catherine Phil MacCarthy

Catherine Phil MacCarthy is a native of Crecora, Co Limerick and has lived in Sandymount, Dublin since 1987. She has published four collections of poetry, and a novel, and is a free-lance tutor in Poetry and Creative Writing. Her poems explore from several angles the idea of ‘threshold’ or ‘the liminal’, the state of being in transition from one moment to the next.

Her work is included in Windharp: Poems of Ireland since 1916, Edited by Niall MacMonagle.


The Invisible Threshold

The Invisible Threshold


Suntrap (2007)

The Blue Globe

The Blue Globe (1998)

How High The Moon

How High The Moon

One Room An Everywhere

One Room An Everywhere (2003)

This Hour of the Tide

This Hour of the Tide

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In the Studio, Marie Bashkirtseff, 1881

She surrendered her carmine cloak
for nest, or cage—Academy Julian—
and here she is with companions

crowded in, to that congested
attic on the fifth floor
off Boulevard des Capucines,

slate-blue apron, ankle-length dress,
fair hair or dark, plainly rolled back,
a few in hat, or lace bonnet …

(from Even The Daybreak — 35 Years of Salmon Poetry, Ed. Jessie Lendennie)