Daughters of the House (2019)


Daughters of the House, Catherine Phil MacCarthy’s fifth full length collection, opens with poems that arose during a residency at Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris in 2013, and begin with glimpses of the city in the present. The poems lead back to Irish artists who lived there, as well as to the country they left. The work reflects on moments in Irish history from the 1880’s through the early 20th century, and honours historical figures, such as Maud Gonne, Michael Davitt, and Sarah Purser. The movement towards independence and the making of Ireland is a preoccupation. Links between colonisation and globalisation emerge between the present and the past. Displacement and creativity are themes from many different perspectives.

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Daughters of the House (2019) Daughters of the House (2019)

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Cover image: Climate Bell 3 is by Vivienne Roche, a sculptor who lives and works near the sea in Co. Cork, Ireland. http://www.vivienneroche.com

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Where to buy

Daughters of the House can be purchased from the following online source (link open in a new window):

Further online sources will be added after launch date (May 2019).

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“MacCarthy has turned language into something both lush and precise at the same time. Her poems flesh out the full layers of meaning in a simple moment that is flawlessly registered. At other times, and with the same concision, MacCarthy condenses the heartbreak of an Irish short story.” — Citation, O Shaughnessy Award for Irish Poetry.

“MacCarthy’s verse is lean and precise, punctuated by powerful imagery… These poems empower their subjects through witnessing acceptance, endurance, and persistence — virtues available to us in even the bleakest of times.” — Jennifer Matthews, SouthWord

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