the blue globe (1998)


Bearing witness to a landscape of profound emotional experience and connection, this beautifully realised second collection is an unashamed celebration of the variousness of life. (Blackstaff Press)

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The Blue Globe (1998)The Blue Globe (1998)

Cover image: Balance by Carol Graham.

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The Irish Times

‘Executed with skilful economy and painterly deftness… these poems quietly convey a powerful sense of the value of experience.’

— Caitríona O’Reilly, The Irish Times

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The Irish Post

‘Quirky and emotional… MacCarthy has the insight, the grace and the humour to realise that it is these apparently small things which for the most part, and for most people, prove to be the very biggest episodes of our lives.’

— Jo Rogers, Irish Post

The Sunday Tribune

‘Now and then, one comes upon a collection whose maturity and sense of poetic certainty give one fresh hope for an Irish poetry scene… MacCarthy’s poems have a worked edge, a sureness of tone and a command of language… Reading her work… one grows envious of the neat, taut tensions of some poems and the lucid, dramatic balance of others.’

— Fred Johnston, Sunday Tribune

The Irish Review

‘The book opens with a number of poems that subordinate the earnestness of adult knowledge to the wondrous mythos of childhood imaginings. The collection’s title poem, for instance finds an answer to the world and ‘it’s questions of scale and gravity’ in the talismanic ‘blue globe’ in the classroom, ‘spinning between my fingers’… In many respects, The Blue Globe should be read as a long meditation on the bereavements that accompany the passing of innocence, idealism and relationships.’

— Des O’Rawe, The Irish Review

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